Welcome to OEM SurplusPLUS
The "Make-An-Offer-For-NOS-Nissan-Parts" Website!

Welcome! This section is a supplement to our main OEM Surplus site. There are about 500 part numbers here now (down from 700) and the story on these parts is rather straightforward. A few years ago, a defunct dealership not too far from me had been sitting on their small stash for quite a while. They contacted me and I took this stuff off their hands. Pretty simple, 'eh?

Now the nature of these parts is slightly different than the parts from our main store. The vast majority of these are just onesies and twosies and very small items with small dollar value. As such, it's slightly impractical to sell just one of these when Nissan MSRP is just $2-$3, at half price plus shipping, we're talking $10 or so for a $1 part.

So now I'm really not sure how to price these things effectively. A couple of people had seen this list prior to this website and they just listed a bunch of part numbers, made an offer and we had a deal. (That's why we're already down 200+ parts.)

So instead of a "Buy It Now" or "Add To Cart" button for each item, you'll see an "Add To List" button. We're still using a shopping cart format, but not as a shopping cart but rather as a quote list. This is where you can add items to a list that you can keep track of and submit to get a shipping quote as well as communicate what you will offer for the items in your list. Hope this makes sense.

So, here's a suggested procedure:
  1. Browse through the pages whether by model or via the entire list.
  2. Click on an item of choice and a popup will show giving more data as well as a larger picture(s).
  3. To add this item to your "Quote List", just click on the "Add To List" button.
  4. From the Quote Cart, return back via the return link and continue browsing and adding.
  5. Once your list is complete you'll need to do something with it as after some period of time (I think it's a day), the cart empties.
    • If you're ready to send your list to me, continue through the next steps and communicate any offers or questions or whatever to me.
    • If you're not ready to offer, you will need to cut-n-paste or take a screen shot or go ahead and send it to me anyway and just mention that you're not ready yet but are just preserving the list in an email to yourself.
  6. Once I receive the list from you, I'll respond by either answering questions or by considering your offer.
  7. When we come to an agreement, I will go ahead and send you a PayPal invoice which you may pay with either a PayPal account or any major credit card that PayPal accepts.
  8. Once payment is received, then I ship!
Now if all you want is one item, don't hesitate to put in an offer for just it. And we're really flexible here... if you have a question on anything... just ask. Each part has an email option or you can send us a general email. And there's always calling on the phone. I'm not always around but will get back to you sooner or later.

Thank you for visiting OEM SurplusPLUS! We hope you enjoy your visit and are able to find something that you can use.